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Car Talk 25th Anniversary 2-CD Set

Car Talk 25th Anniversary 2-CD Set

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Two hours of some of Tom and Ray’s favorite calls of all time.  “It was hard to narrow it down to just two hours,” says Ray.  “But we were bound and determined not to pay the pressing costs for those third and fourth discs!”   Includes two hours of laugh-out-loud Car Talk moments, and a 12-page commemorative booklet.


Disc One

1. Vowels to Bosnia

2. The Tollbooth Fugitive

3. The Andy Letter

4. My Government Vehicle Shakes at 17,500 MPH

5. The Great Montreal Hotel Fire

6. Remember That Time Your Car Blew Up, Dad?

7. My Wife, the Truck

8. Richard, His Goats, and Doris

9. You Can't Do It Unless the Number Is Two

10. The Bemidji Chronicles

11. Consummate Professionals


Disc Two

1. Foreign Accent Syndrome

2. There's Just One Problem with This Car

3. The Truth About Martin Gardner

4. P.S. My Dog Hates Your Show!

5. Bad Hair Days

6. Priiivate Maaagggleeeeoooziii

7. Geographically Undesirable

8. Ray Caught Working

9. Death Valley Dinesh

10. The Exercise Diaries, Featuring Tanya the Trainer

11. Max and the Schnauzer

12. Plywood Aerodynamics