Car Talk: Car Tunes Vol. 1

Car Talk: Car Tunes Vol. 1

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As heard weekly on Car Talk, winner of a Peabody Award, these are songs about cars as they really are. On this album you'll find heaps on hooks of tow trucks, and jalopies in pieces on front lawns. You'll find people singing about pushing cars, defacing cars, and despising cars. You'll find songs about lousy drivers, traffic jams, and what you can tell about a driver from his or her car. In other words, you'll find songs about the world of cars as you recognize it. Because there's just too darn much reverential car music in the world!

Total playing time: 1 hour


1. Under the Wrench Red Meat
2. Car and Driver Bill Morrissey
3. Horizon The Arrogant Worms
4. Peugeot Peter Lehndorf
5. Twenty Naked Pentecostals in a Pontiac Cornerstone
6. It's a Rental Rik Roberts
7. Grampa's Advice Adie Grey
8. King of Junk Eddy Lawrence
9. Push My Car Weatherheads
10. Loose Wheel Simply Weasels
11. Singin' in my Car Daniel Lower and the Bloodbrothers
12. Duct Tape Madrigal in C Major Lou Nathanson
13. Auto Service Hell Eric "Two Scoops" Moore
14. MassachusettsGreg Greenway
15. Slow in the Left Lane Betsy in the Gene Pool
16. Cab on Fire Dork Side of the Tune
17. You Can't Get There from Here in Jersey Jason Didner
18. My Bloody Yugo The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group
19. Mid-Life Chrysler Madverb
20. Didn't Say I Love You Right Ric Seaberg
21. Click and Clack The Shady Grove Band