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Car Talk: Field Guide to the North American Wacko

Car Talk: Field Guide to the North American Wacko

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A radio road trip across America features some of the nuttiest callers ever to phone the show.

Each week, millions of radio listeners tune into NPR’s Car Talk. A high point of every show is the call-in segment, when listeners phone in for advice and regale hosts Click and Clack with tales of their own automotive misadventures.

Like Dave from Bemidji, Minnesota, who drives his Chevy Cavalier home from Alaska when it already has 350,000 miles on the odometer. And Dinesh, who strolls across Death Valley. Rather than worry about buzzards, he’s concerned about how his car will hold up in the heat.

Christy wants to know if she fried her dad’s Citation. Adrienne frets that a load of rocks might crush her Saab. Single guy John wonders if he should tidy up his car for a first date or reveal its trashy self. And when Ann’s husband travels from Georgia to Florida to get his vasectomy reversed, Ann drives like a banshee to bring him back home. Ever since, their Caravan makes strange grinding noises.

It seems that lunatics aren’t confined to Car Talk Plaza. They’re everywhere, and they’re dialing the phone. Four hilarious radio shows celebrate the land of the free, home of the wacko.



Disc 1 -- Remember That Time Your Car Blew Up, Dad? (July 21, 2007)
Disc 2 -- Dave from Bemidji: Best. Roadtrip. Ever. (July 28, 2007)
Disc 3 -- Death Valley Dinesh and Other Hot Tales (August 4, 2007)
Disc 4 -- The Dispersion Principle: Male Answer Syndrome Strikes Again (August 11, 2007)




Format: CD

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Publication date:05/06/2008

Unabridged, 3.5 hours