Car Talk Science: MIT Wants Its Diplomas Back

Car Talk Science: MIT Wants Its Diplomas Back

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2017 Audie Award Finalist

Who can embarrass MIT? How about a couple of their best-known graduates stumbling and laughing, every week on NPR, like bulls through the china shop of accepted scientific theory? Meet Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hosts of Car Talk and, coincidentally, graduates of MIT. Presented together for the first time, here are all-time favorite Car Talk calls that run happily off road, veering into the amazing world of science, where Tom and Ray actually wield some authority. MIT may want its diplomas back, but the world’s most knowledgeable garage scientists are undeterred in seeking greater knowledge – and laughter.



1. Babes in the Misinformation Woods
2. Mattress Aerodynamics
3. Mr. Maggliozzi, I’m Giving You an F
4. I Told You Smoking Was Bad for You
5. Pay No Attention to the Engineer
6. A Lucrative Career in Physics
7. The Incredible Larry Walters
8. Bad Hair Days
9. A Football Helmet and a Spaceman Suit
10. Foreign Accent Syndrome
11. The Great Dispersion Theory



ISBN: 9781681682341
Format: CD
Publisher: HighBridge Audio
Publication Date: 08/30/2016
1 hour