Car Talk: The Puzzler's Greatest Hits

Car Talk: The Puzzler's Greatest Hits

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Historic, folkloric, and reliably sophomoric . . . Car Talk's Puzzler segment is beloved not only for making you think, but also for making you laugh. It's not just a puzzle, and it's only occasionally about cars. It's a cleverly constructed conundrum wrapped in a hilarious tall tale, with characters ranging from Bubba the monk and Igor, the hunchbacked groom, to game show host Monty Hall and an electricity-obsessed Thomas Edison.

Now, for the first time ever, the very best Puzzler segments are available in one collection, challenging and improving brain function for all ages. With plenty of unexpected turns, hilarious commentary—and the occasional inspired insight—Click and Clack take listeners on an unforgettable joyride that will have puzzle fans scratching their heads, laughing out loud, and then cheering the revelation of each unpredictable answer.


• A Haircut in Horsetown 
• Dougie's Burning Car (and Pants)
• Let's Make a Deal
• Igor and the Princess
• Ray the Good Neighbor
• Watch This, Night Watchman
• The Inky Shadows of the Dimly Lit Quonset Hut
• And more!



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