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Car Talk: Maternal Combustion

Car Talk: Maternal Combustion

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Click and Clack share some of their favorite calls from and about moms. They cover the gamut of motherly conundrums--and they're not all about cars.

Moms have served honorably in the minivan wars. Negotiated conflicting advice between husbands and fathers. Even extracted sticky sippy cups from under countless seats. Now brothers (and sons) Tom and Ray Magliozzi give mothers their due in this new collection of calls from Car Talk

Among the featured callers: their own long-suffering mother, Elizabeth, who lets us in on the travails of raising two time-wasting hellions, says "Lipstick" when she means "Dipstick", and reveals that infectious, maniacal laughter runs in the Magliozzi family.

Selections include "The Sleek Black Beauty," "How to Talk Sense into a 16-year-old," "Outing Mom," and "What Smell, Hon?" All are gloriously unrehearsed original radio broadcasts.



Format: CD

Publisher:HighBridge Company

Publication date:05/28/2005

Unabridged, 1 hour